Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How To Browse Free Flawlessly With Mtn Using Sandwich VPN?( Mtn Nigeria)

Just Follow the steps Below:

==>Download Sandwich vpn
here if you dont have it

==>Make sure you register for a
free account on their site by
clicking here
==>Connect your modem using
Apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
Android Mobile users Configure
it as seen below

==>Change to tcp mode and click
on tcp advanced settings
==> Tcp port :1110
==>lport to 5222
==> Do not tick enable proxy
==> Click on account and input
your username and password
but if you don't have, you can
quickly create a free account
==>Set your APN to
web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net and
==>If you are on the free
account on sandwich
vpn connect using DEMO SEVER

NOTE: the free account is limited upgrade to
enjoy unlimited browsing