Friday, November 22, 2013

What Is Bootloader And How to Unlock Bootloader on Your Android Device

If you’re new to the Android world and terms like Bootloader and Rooting are getting you stumped then we’re here to help you not get frustrated and regret buying your Android device. Below is a guide that will make you understand what a Bootloader is and how you can get your phone Bootloader unlocked.

What is Bootloader?

Bootloader is universally the code that runs before your device boots up (Starts). Think of it as a security check before your device starts up. It is processor specific and every motherboard has its own unique bootloader. This is why different Android devices have different bootloaders.
Android Bootloader

Android Bootloaders tell the System kernel to boot normally. However, and we’ve said this above as well that different Android devices will have a different Bootloader. Why? This is due to a variety of different devices homing different hardware and therefore every manufacturer has its own specific version of the Bootloader
Why is your device Bootloader Locked?

The reason your device is Bootloader locked is because the manufacturers want you to stick to their Android OS versions designed for their device. If your bootloader is locked then it is nearly impossible to flash a custom ROM on your device.

Unlocking Your Bootloader

 Warning: Unlocking your BootLoader will void your device’s warranty, if you continue this tutorial then do so at your own risk. If anything goes wrong during the process then HackSlurp will not be held responsible.


Before you go ahead and start to unlock Bootloader on your device, make sure that you are running a STOCK ROM with zero alteration on your device.

Step 1
Download Android SDK as instructed on this page.


Step 2
Once you have downloaded it, boot into Bootloader mode on your Nexus.

  • For Nexus One, hold down power and track ball
  • For Galaxy Nexus, hold down volume up, volume down and power buttons
  • For Nexus S, hold down power and volume up buttons
  • For Nexus 4,hold down power and volume down buttons
  • For Nexus 7, hold down power and volume down buttons
  • For Nexus 10, hold down power, volume up and volume down buttons
Step 3
Connect the device to your computer and after the installation of the drivers has finished (will be done automatically), open up command prompt.
Step 4
In the command prompt type:
fastboot oem unlock
Step 5
Once that is done, your phone will prompt you regarding the unlocking of the Bootloader, follow the instructions and confirm by pressing the Volume up and Power buttons.
And that is it. You have now successfully unlocked your Bootloader! Enjoy.