Monday, December 2, 2013

5 Quick AdSense Approval Tricks And Tips

Although great Google can’t be tricked, still there are some important practices which can help you in getting an approved AdSense account quickly. Several bloggers and website owners face difficulty in their AdSense account approval, so I decided to share some important tips which will increase the chances of AdSense account approval. Before reading this article, please keep this in mind that we don’t know and share any secrets related with AdSense and this article is based only on personal experience and observations.
Site Theme / Topic Comes First
Your blog’s niche, theme or the topic is most important in deciding either Google approves your account or not. AdSense is a serious business and it promotes products of companies and individuals on targeted websites and blogs. If your blog or website doesn’t have a well defined theme, then AdSense is most likely not going to approve your account. So before applying for AdSense, ensure that your blog defines a topic clearly. For example you can create a blog about health tips and share content only related to health on your blog.
Sometimes, even blogs and websites with well defined theme are not accepted by AdSense. It happens when the topic of the blog is not much popular or doesn’t have any business scope. If same is the case of your blog, you may need to change the entire niche of your blog or website if it is in its initial stage or try any AdSense alternative.

Site Structure

The second most important factor, which may prevent AdSense to approve your account, is bad site structure. Sometimes blogs and websites are not designed well. Both navigation and internal linking are important. To ensure that AdSense approves your account quickly, first design your blog cleanly. i.e. develop a good and easy navigation and build a good internal linking structure. Once your site is easy for bots to crawl, AdSense crawlers will get maximum details about your blog’s content, thus your account will get approved quickly if the content satisfies the crawlers.

Organic Traffic

If your blog doesn’t receive good traffic from search engines, then AdSense may not accept it in its program easily. AdSense loves organic traffic and if your blog receives good flow of traffic from search engines, then your account will get approved easily. Otherwise you may need to work for bringing more visitors to your blog.

Content Quality and Quantity

You can’t get AdSense on crappy blogs and websites which are full of copied/pasted content. To get and retain AdSense, your blog must contain good quantity of quality and unique content. Usually, AdSense approves blogs when they contain more than 15 or 20 unique posts. So before applying for AdSense, ensure that your blog contains enough quality posts.

Blog / Website Age

AdSense hasn’t defined anywhere about the blog or website’s age but it is believed that very young blogs and websites are not accepted by AdSense. Before applying for AdSense, wait for a few months (normally for more than 3 months) and then apply for AdSense. During this time, you must work to grow your blog by building content and traffic on it.
Important: Sometimes, AdSense doesn’t approve blogs and websites when they don’t contain a privacy policy page. It has been stated in TOS of AdSense that each blog or website promoting AdSense must contain a privacy policy page. If your blog or website doesn’t have a privacy policy page, add it now. This AdSense privacy policy generator will help you in generating a privacy policy for your blog if you are facing challenges in writing a privacy policy.

Additional Guidance
Google has disclosed TOS of the program and needs the publishers to follow them, so you must read each and every line of these terms carefully. If you understand and follow these terms, then you will not only succeed in getting an approved AdSense account, it will also help you in retaining the account in long run which is a difficult task. Need any specified help? Just leave a comment below.