Monday, December 2, 2013

How to Configure Email on Outlook 2010, Thunderbird Client

Microsoft launched the email months ago and it featured lots of advancement over old Windows Live email. The functionality has been enhanced in many ways that will make it near competitor for Google email service- Gmail. If you see both the services together you will find many similarities. Microsoft has this time allowed bigger attachments, email filtering using tags, improvised user interface and junk email management.
When it comes to configuring email on Outlook desktop client or other email client like Mozilla Thunderbird, Android email client [ as no app is available]. There is no IMAP functionally which is the priority based sync system for email and suggested as best email technology. You can only configure POP3 function to have on any email client. Configuring POP3 on email client is an easy procedure you just need to know the right settings. Here, we are providing the settings details and how to configure it on the email client process. email settings How to Configure Email on Outlook 2010, Thunderbird Client POP3 configuration for mobile email clients:

Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:
Username: your email id like or custom email like
Password: your password for email
Port settings:
SSL connection Incoming server port number: 995
Outgoing SMTP server port number: 587

How to configure email on Outlook 2010 or Mozilla Thunderbird

Step 1: Open Client and click “Add Email account” . Select “Manually configure server settings”.
Step 2: Now provide details like Name, email ID and password. Enter “” in box beside the incoming mail server. For outgoing mail server fill up “”. email settings How to Configure Email on Outlook 2010, Thunderbird Client
Step 3: Click “More Settings” button on the bottom of Window as shown above. You will be provided with a Setting box, Click on the advanced tab. Check the box saying “This server requires an encrypted connection SSL”. Now, enter the Incoming server port number as 995 and outgoing as 587[ this is very similar if you have configured Gmail pop on Outlook client]. Press “OK”. POP3 mail settings How to Configure Email on Outlook 2010, Thunderbird Client

Step 4: You will be returned to the previous configuration window. Click “Next” and then check if the account is working.
You have successfully configured the email on Outlook 2010 or any similar desktop email client. Please ensure that you check “Leave a Copy on server” else all email from the server will be deleted after downloading. The setting is similar if you are configuring Mozilla Thunderbird or Outlook client on Mac OS X. This will create a backup of all the emails on your email on your PC. You will have to check the Email manually by pressing “Send/Receive” email button on the email client.