Friday, December 13, 2013

Changing To Custom Themes Will Change The Entire Look Of Windows


 The default Look of windows is pretty boring ..
 remix it ! , learn how to do it from this Article of mine !

Change to custom 3rd party themes


Changing to custom themes will change the entire look of your windows
i will put it in a simple way ...
firstly you have to make your windows accept these custom themes , so you have to patch it .
there is a tool to patch your windows ( 7 )
its called " universal theme patcher  "          

download the tool

after you have downloaded it , run as Admin and click " patch "
now you have patched your system
now you have to get some custom themes , Go here and search for some !

After you have download the themes you like .. Extract the file !
just copy everything inside the Package and paste those files to the directory :
Your system disk > windows > resources > themes .
After you have done that , go to your desktop and right click > personalize
Now you can see the themes you have installed , Just Click them to apply !

Change Window's Default icons


If you can change the icons of Your OS, then you can change its look too ........
download This Tool Which can Change Window's Default Icons to Custom ones ..
And then get some Icons to replace the old ones , Search for them in Site#1  &  Site#2
Once you get some of the Icons you want , Run the tool as Admin and use it to
replace the Icons ! , Its very simple to use . And within no time , You have Modded the Icons !
Congrats !

Change Window's default boot screen


To further more MOD your Windows , You Can change The default Boot screen to a
Custom one . Just Download this small tool and get some Boot screens 
After you downloaded the Things needed , Open the Tool as Admin
then Click on File > load Boot screen . Browse the .bs7 file you downloaded before and apply it !

Change The  logon screen too ...


Ok ! , uh so this is the last one ! , Grab this tool and use it to install fresh
new Logon screens which will light you up when ever you see it !
Even a 5 year old kid could make it work ! , this tool is that simple ! And thats it !

Hey ! , any doubts ?? Put it below in the Comments !

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