Monday, December 9, 2013

Hack Computer With Prorat Tutorail

Tools made of Turkey is very unusual, this tool is used to infiltrate other people's computers. The trick is very simple and easy, we live to know the IP and port the victim's computer, then we can directly infects.

prorat download here

A. How to use ProRat 

1. First time we have to know in advance the IP and Port victims open. We can do it by hand or even with the help of Ports Scanner.

From the picture above we know all of the computer's IP port is active and which are open. Who will be the victims in our experiment this time is a computer with the IP

2. The next step is we run ProRat, these tools can be downloaded at Before you turn the first Anti Virus (disabled), because ProRat will be detected as a virus. Though he's not harmful to your computer. After that, fill in the form the victims IP IP and port (default 5110).

When we click on the Connect button to connect the victim's computer can not, because we have not the victim's computer infection. To infect the victim's computer we first create a server that will run on the victim's computer. I click the Create button - Create ProRat Server. Then Notifications appear:

Tick ​​the option Use Proconnective Notifications and enter the IP (DNS) IP address with us. In the General Settings tab we enter the Server Port (default 5110), and Victim Name Server Password.

In the Bind with File tab we can smuggle a file that will be run jointly Server. Free file extension.

Next is the Server Extensions tab, there are several options server extension. We select the 
extension. Exe.

To make our server icon Icon Click the Server tab, select whatever icon you want.

The final step of making this server is click Create Server.

Once successful, will appear:

3. We just run the Server dikomputer victims. The trick is up to you ... want to secretly infiltrated or using Social Engineering techniques and you can also infeksikan directly on the computer (if biased sihh).
4. Once the server is successfully running on the victim's computer, then we immediately try to connect to it with our computer.
5. For the connection we can use ProConnective or directly typing in the IP address and port the victim's computer. ProConnective is innate tools of ProRat that serves as a bridge (bridge connection) between the client computer and the server computer (the victim). IP will appear on the victim if he was.

6. After successfully connecting to the victim's computer, the status of ProRat will change from Disconnected to Connected

. Well ... it's time we play. There are many things we can do on the computer to find out information from the victims such as PCs, send error message, turn off the computer, locking the mouse, open the CD-ROM or even photographing the victim's face.

8. Now we will see the PC information of victims:

From the picture above we can see the information held on the victim's computer.
9. We also can send fake error messages to the victim's computer:

10. install a keylogger

11. And most exciting is to see the face of the victims that we hack.

How exciting is not it? It's still a fraction of the usefulness ProRat many more other functions, such as the victim's hard drive formatting, mess registry, steal critical data, and so forth. However, in our discussion this time we both ends meet so, yes. Ok!
Use well yeah ...

B. Prevention Method
1. Always update your Anti-Virus to be able to detect the presence of infection ProRat. ProRat server usually detected as
Trojan.Dropper.Prorat.DZ.29, Dropped: Backdoor.Prorat.DZ.
2. Fit Anti ProRat, you can download it at / get / Antivirus / Anti-prorat.shtml.